Now Available on Amazon Audible

My new audible is now available on Amazon UK, or Amazon Audible.

This audible is a series of guided meditations that will help you heal on a cellular level. As a bonus to you I have added a free printable workbook so that you can understand where your negative feelings come from and who they really belong to. In life we tend to keep hold of feelings from situations that we have no control over. Why?

Did you know we have the power to let these negative feelings go and exchange them for the feelings we want to have. All the negative feelings we have cause a ripple effect on our lives. Let's learn to take our power back.

Order yours today click on the link below:

The Brain as a Supercomputer and How It Affects Our Physical and Emotional Wellbeing: Quantum Physics and Mind and Body, How Negative and Positive Feelings Can Affect Our Mindset (Audio Download): Maria Sayer, Nikki Delgado, Maria Sayer: Books