Exploring Personal Strength

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Be Kind to yourself

What is personal strength?


having conscious knowledge of one's own character and feelings.

"we're self-aware enough to know we're making mistakes"

English dictionary

How self-aware are you?

How well do you think you know yourself? I will use myself as an example. I know what foods I like and dislike? I know what music I like e.g. 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, Opera and classical. I am independent and know what I want to do in life and how to get there. I like to make my own decisions and get frustrated when people tell me how to feel and what to do. I know when i have made a mistake, I may not like it but i do learn from it.

Explore yourself

Are you self-aware, do you know where your feelings start and what triggers you? Try writing down the answers to the following questions.

1. What can I do, what am I good at?

2. What are my weaknesses?

3. What things are important to me?

4. Where do I see myself in 5 years?

5. What would people say my best qualities are (this includes, parents, carers, family and friends).

6. What I feel I have failed at? Is this a fact or an assumption?

7. What I have learned through failure?

8. What hinders me in my life? This may be people or situations.

9. What do I think I should do?

10. How do I do this what would the old me say to me?

11. If you woke up in the morning and everything was how you wanted It to be like, what would It look like, how would you be, what would the people around you see?

12. What’s important to me in a relationship? What do I not want?


By exploring these questions, you will get a better insight in to your inner strengths, remember at the moment you may feel low, this may be due to one or more reasons e.g. adverse relationships, loss, family break up, losing your job etc.

When you write your answers out to the questions I want you to think about everything you like and dislike in life, from religion, politics, food, interests, travel, morals etc. This is about you exploring you. Sometimes we can get lost in life, this is you finding yourself.

Don’t worry if you can’t always see or feel your inner strength it is in there, it just needs you to give permission to come out. The best way to do this is to build your self-confidence. How do we build self-confidence? We do activities that enhance us, make us smile, laugh as these are good ‘happy hormones’ that enable us to feel happy and content. If you reflect on the other blogs I have written, the strategies in those will help you.

Look in the mirror and say “I can do this, I am in control of my destiny”. No one can have the power over you, unless you allow it. This is not to sound patronising, I am of the opinion that we all have an inner warrior that we can draw energy from to help us achieve what we need to. Once you start to harness your inner strength, you will find you see things more clearer, you start to trust your gut feeling and build your autonomy. Once this is achieved you will be able to verbalise what you want and be in a better place to change things that don’t serve a purpose in your life anymore.

I hope this blog has been of interest to you, please like and share if it has.


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