feeling invisible, isolated in the world

Our world has been turned upside down, isolation has become the new norm. For those who have never experienced isolation before, it has been a hard year. However, can you imagine how hard it has been for those who have lived with isolation that being, they have been without or had little interaction with the rest of mankind. The current COVID-19 situation has probably made them feel more disconnected from human interaction and can have a devastating impact on them in terms of their mental health, self-esteem and motivation.

As humans, we need interaction with other humans. We need to feel positive regard, this helps us to feel valued and in turn builds self-esteem and confidence. Loneliness can be debilitating, it can have an impact on social skills, communication skills and cause a person to feel demotivated. You may say it is like a vicious circle for the person who is feeling lonely or isolated.

For those who are not lonely, close your eyes and for a minute imagine if you had no loved ones around you, no friends, no work colleagues and you had no transportation. Your day started with having breakfast on your own whilst looking out of the window and seeing the world carrying on as though you was not part of it. The day goes on, the same as breakfast lunch and dinner come and go. You periodically look at the phone in hope that someone may contact you, but this never happens.

The television is your only hope, but it is a constant reminder that you are on your own, so you go to bed feeling that all is hopeless and wondering why you are here? The next day you get up start with your breakfast then it is time to go shopping. As you walk to the bus stop, people are going on with their day as though you are invisible. With a sigh, you feel even more alone, as you see a mother bend down to wipe her child’s face and smile at their child: as you walk down the street and in to the supermarket.

Everyone has their heads down and getting on with their lives, which is what we do. Everyone is busy. You get home then your whole routine starts again. Now, can you imagine this loneliness with depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD or any other typ