Stress & Anxiety in a Covid Society

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Stress and anxiety has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, not being able to go out to meet our loved ones that don't live with us. This has a huge impact on our mental health. When a situation happens such as ( not going out feeling isolated etc) that makes you feel anxious your brain releases cortisol and adrenalin. When these are realised into the brain, they block any good feeling hormones, this is why you may feel low mood, can't keep still, feel like everything is hopeless. There are ways that you can minimise the effects of stress and anxiety.

Firstly, how do you get rid of the negative impact of cortisol and adrenalin? the answer is increase the 'good feeling hormones'.

How do you release those good feeling hormones? by using strategies that can calm your Amygdala in your brain. You would not think such a small pea size part of the brain would have such a huge impact on your wellbeing? What is the amygdala? the amygdala is like a sorting office in your brain. all what you see, hear, feel, smell etc. gets sorted here and goes to the parts of the brain where they are supposed to go.

So If your amygdala is flooded with anxiety, stress or angry chemicals, the sorting office stops (amygdala). When this happens any information just piles up! Have you ever heard a parent saying to a child "it's like talking to a brick wall" because the child is not responding? this is because their sorting office has stopped working because their amygdala is stressed / anxious or even angry. So when this is the case, this is where those strategies come in. if you calm the amygdala you start to send those 'happy hormones' out and you become more rational. I hope this makes sense? The diagram below shows how stress can affect us.