Stuck in the mud!

Feeling stuck in the mud?

Sometimes in our lifetime, we may feel that all around us is going about their own business called life, whist you may feel like your stuck. Being stuck can make us feel like we are stagnant, and no matter which way we turn we just cannot see the way through.

I personally have felt this over the years, it can leave you feeling exhausted, feel like the world is against you and demotivated. I do not know about you, but I do not like these feelings / situations. So, how can we steer our way through life and get the happiness we yearn for?

I guess for me the first thing I did, was to write down what I want in life, what type of people do I want around me. What do I want to do as a job and where I would like to live? Writing down your goals in life is the start of change I wanted, and I guess you want too?

So, getting back to your list, look at each item on your list and break this down even further, for example: I want to feel happy with my life? Think about the things / people that would make me feel happy can content (remember we should look to ourselves to make us happy first).

Sometimes, changing your mindset can have a huge impact on your life. For example: do you ever say what you would like then, finish it with a negative? Like “it’ll never happen for me I am not lucky” Why say the positive (what you want) if you are going to rule it out even before you have given yourself time to achieve this?

I am a big believer that we can do whatever we want in life if we aim for it and work hard, I accept that along the way there will be speed bumps, which will frustrate me and probably you too? But our greatest achievements are learnt through our mistakes.


If we look at this in counselling, sometimes clients feel stuck, and there does not seem to be any movement. This can be frustrating for the client., so, how can I help the client to feel less stuck? I could ask them where in their body they notice this feeling? Can they remember a time in the past when they have felt this? And explore what they notice then? This may help them to move past the speed bump of being stuck.

In life

In life you may feel like you need to decide as to what you want to do with your life, applying the process that I have discussed earlier, so, for example, you want to be a zoologist, because you love animals and you have always dreamt of working in a zoo close to the animals and helping them to survive in captivity. So, writing your list research what is needed to do this. Do you have to go to college? Uni? Find out what the process is. It may be hard work, but anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

You may decide to contact a Zoo and ask them for advice, do not be put off by asking if this were something you would really like to do. Most of all, do not let other people dampen your possible future. Believe in yourself as I believed in myself.

Remember you are the master of your own ship in life, wherever you want to direct it, it is in your control, and the destination you reach will be worthwhile if the destination is where you want to be or how you want to feel.

Be Kind to yourself

We sometimes do not feel we have any control, but we do. We can decide that from today We are going to do things that make us happy, laugh a lot, saying hello to the people you walk past is a start. Do you ever consider that when you say hello to someone that you may be the only person they have spoken to that day? Hard to realise that hey? Think about it, you make their life a little brighter and you feel good because you have said hello or had a brief chat.

These simple steps can be the start of changing your mindset and help you to get closer to the life you want. Being kind to others or saying hello costs nothing at all, and it can be priceless to the other person and to yourself.

Message from me

Sometimes, it is good to let your inner child out, let yourself go barefoot in the grass, lie down on the grass and gaze at the stars. Embrace life and be truly glad for the beauty of our world and feel blessed by the people we have in our lives. Our planet is full of beautiful creatures, vegetation, and trees and less we forget the humble bee who we need to pollinate all nature for without them we have no home, world, planet.

Maria Sayer

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