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Maria was fantastic from start to finish. Due to a negative experience with counselling, I was hesitant to start counselling with Maria however she settled me straight away and I soon learnt that counselling doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Maria was patient and more than accommodating. She truly cared about what I had and that meant a lot to me. Treasure Chest Counselling is top tier and I'm glad I was able to work with Maria, she has taught me many skills that I'll use to help shape my future.

This was only my first session but Maria was amazing. I felt comfortable with her right from the start, and i didn't expect much from a first session but came away from it already feeling like i had more clarity around my issues, and i look forward to continuing to work with her

I really appreciate all you have helped me with and I couldn’t have changed my mindset for the better without the support from you.

Amazing woman helped me so much And was a pleasure to meet her.